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Hampton Fire Rescue has three (3) Chiefs, four (4) Captains, four (4) Lieutenants and twenty-three(23) firefighters. All of whom are assigned to a duty crew.


Members are trained in many areas such as Firefighter I, Firefighter II, Auto Extrication, Hazmat, High Angle Rescue, Slope Rescue, Water Rescue, Ice Rescue, Off-Road Rescue, First Responder/CPR and many others.


Fire Chief Mike Raeburn

Deputy Chief Norm Garnett

Asst. Deputy Chief Tim Nickerson

Crew 1

Captain Mark Cormier

Lieutenant Rob Sullivan

Ian Armstrong

Braden Gendron

Jarett Gendron

Travis Goobie

Sean Kasza

Tory Allison

Crew 2

Captain Anthony Bond
Lieutenant Keith Judge

Brad English

Josh LeBlanc

Tyler Hodgin 

Cody Greer

Camryn Savage

Crew 3

Captain Ed Crowley
Lieutenant Rene Arseneault

Gordon Sawler

Eoin MacIntyre

Jesse Miller

Tom Elliot

Ross Veinot

Alex Folkins

Crew 4

Captain Korey Whitaker
Lieutenant Benjamin LeBlanc 


Tim Murphy
Kevin MacLeod
Jason Patterson

Kody Lusk

Rowan Beach

Laura Marshall

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