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Smoke Detector Safety

Your smoke detector is your first line of defense in the event of a fire in your home. Have one on every level of your home and outside every sleeping area. If you sleep with your door closed, then place one in your bedroom. Remember to change the batteries twice a year.

Fire Escape Plan

All homes should have and practice a fire escape plan.This activity should be done with the entire family. Draw a floor plan of your home showing doors, windows and stairways. Each room should have two ways out. Once the plan is done, practice!!! Do not forget to have a meeting place outside where everybody can be seen easily and quickly.

Wood Stove Safety

Wood stoves & furnaces are a popular alternative for heating homes in our area. Remember to burn dry hardwood (seasoned for at least one year) and to clean your chimney regularly before using your stove and during the winter months. Hot ashes should be stored and transported in a metal container. Do not dispose of ashes in compost bins. Store outside on the ground to cool before disposing. For insurance purposes  inspections of any solid fuel burning appliance must be performed by a WETT certified agent. Agents can be found by visiting the WETT inc. website.

Fueling Safety

With the cold weather comes the temptation to leave vehicles running while they are being fueled at gas stations. Drivers are reminded that vehicles must be shut off while being fueled; no smoking is permitted within 7.5 meters of pumps and cell phones and mobile devices are not to be used while filling your vehicle.

If you are filling a container, use only an approved container, and fill it on the ground to prevent static build up. If you must go into your vehicle, avoid any static charge. Ground yourself by touching the metal on the car before touching your gas cap or nozzle.

Motorist are reminded that it is an offense under section 24 of the NB fire prevention act to violate these rules.

Burning Permits

All details on burning permits within the town of Hampton limits can be found HERE.

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